HR Policy

We believe that our greatest strength is our human resources in order to achieve our strategic goals and manage growth in ever-changing competitive conditions. We believe that the workplace peace and trust environment created with respect, understanding, an equal and fair approach affects the satisfaction, loyalty and success of our employees, and we make a great effort not to discriminate in any aspect of the business relationship.

Religion, language, race, gender, physical disability, ethnicity, etc. in the selection of human resources needed by our group without discrimination;

✓ Have the competencies that meet the requirements of the position,
✓ Aiming at continuous self-improvement,
✓ To adopt and live the values of our group,
✓ Caring about ethical values,
✓ We carry out the recruitment processes by considering the principle of equal opportunity among candidates over the age of 18.

We manage the performance evaluation process with fair, transparent, concrete and measurable criteria in order to reveal the development opportunities of our employees and to provide resources for their career plans. We attach importance to training and development activities that increase technical and behavioral competencies, and allocate resources to prepare our employees for their future roles.

We manage the wage system with the principle of equal pay for equal work, in line with the performance of our employees, economic data and sectoral trends.

We implement the recognition and appreciation system in order to share and reward the achievements of our employees in all kinds of activities that provide added value.

To carry out activities and organizations in order to maintain the balance between the work and social lives of our employees and to keep their motivation and commitment levels high.

To obtain detailed information about our projects, services, and other details, please contact us. We are delighted to provide you with solutions tailored to your needs.