Providing service in the automotive sub-industry sector, Hüner Kriko aims to increase the added value it provides to the country with its new investment in HOSAB.

Hüner Kriko, one of the leading companies in the automotive industry with its 35 years of experience, made a new investment of 24 thousand square meters in Hasanağa Organized Industrial Zone (HOSAB).

Hüner Kriko Chairman of the Board of Directors Hüseyin Karabacak said that the new investment, which cost 10 million TL, aims to achieve a turnover of 5 million Euros in 2010.

Explaining that they have been producing sheet metal parts and complete parts since the day they were established, Karabacak stated that their weight is Tofaş. Karabacak stated that they started to produce engine cooling and ventilation pipes for vehicles besides these complete parts they have been producing for 3-4 years, “First we started with Tofaş. Then we made our first export to Thermopol company in England. Then we started to work with Trellebong company in Italy. Then we started a business in Istanbul. We made a stainless pipe part for the company. The German company that bought the pipe wanted to know about our company. They came here, we showed the production method and our facility. After getting to know us, they said we were a class A supplier. Our offers were also welcomed. We had a place reserved for the pipe subject. “It had a capacity of meters. It was a closed area and consisted of five floors. Therefore, the product was moving around a lot to complete its operations. We were aware of this. They also noticed this situation,” he said.


Expressing that the German Contitech company put forward some conditions for working with them, Karabacak said: “We will work with you, but there is no production method like this. In this case, you will lose and we will pay too much money for this product. If you invest, we want to work with you big. They said. We have been making preparations in our new branch since June. We will be moving very soon. We have two parcels there. When both parcels become functional, we will have a closed area of approximately 24 thousand square meters in total. We also have a closed area of 12 thousand square meters in our center in DOSAB. If we continue production in these areas at such a rapid pace, we will bring a great added value to our country.

Saying that their new investments cost approximately 10 million TL, Karabacak said, “I think that we will make a turnover of 5 million Euros in 2010 and this figure will be multiplied with greater increases every year. 100 people are currently working in our new production center. Our employment figures will increase according to our capacity increase.”


Karabacak stated that they will move the production in DOSAB to there after the entire area in HOSAB becomes operational within two years. Karabacak said, “We will move to another field of activity in DOSAB. We are currently producing parts for metal injection and aluminum that we use in our business. We are thinking of some similar things in this new system,” he said.